Picturing Animals

Personal Meaning Map

The Personal Meaning (PMM) is a cognitive tool for participants to provide their perceptions of a prompt (a phrase, such as “Animal-Human Relationship,” or a word, such as “Animal”). The goal of the PMM is to explore the meaning of the prompt for the participants and to understand the ways the participants identify and make connections with it using different cognitive frameworks and building on personal learning experiences. There are no right or wrong descriptions/interpretations of the prompt, and the prompt is not defined for the participant, ensuring that reactions are based on individual understandings and personal cognitive connections.

Age Male  Female


What is your religious preference?

What is the HIGHEST level of education you have completed?

Do you currently have companion animals? Yes  No

Did you, at any time, grow up with companion animals? Yes  No

What type of environment did you grow up in? Rural  Urban  Suburban

Choose one of these terms

Animal-Human Relationships   Animals